(OBS: Is recommended you play it with the full screen resolution!)

Be prepared for this space-wide adventure, with the help of your new aircraft "the StarShifter" (still prototype edition, please don't bother!)

Use the firepower and the ability to shapeshift your new ship to survive the longer as possible against the diferents shapes and colors of enemies, aiming for a better score!


A and D or arrow keys to move left and right!

Mouse movement to control aim

Left Mouse button to shoot

Right Mouse button to change shape and color of your ship and its projectiles into 3 diferent variations.

You can only defeat enemies ships by shooting projectiles of same color at them.

Oh, and be careful with the deadly lasers across, you also can only trespass through them by shifting the aircraft to similar color of the laser as well.

You only start with 5 lives. Good Luck out there, traveler!

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